Mystic Essences

Mystic Essences




Inspired by ancient rituals, they are destined to pamper Atkinsons exclusive clients for years to come.

Applying them is a lavish sensorial experience, a personal and intimate ceremony which consists of strategically placing single droplets of sensual elixir to the specific and delicate areas of the neck or wrists. Once on the skin, sumptuous moisturising properties permeate, saturating with sublime, opulent fragrance. Silky and delicate, the essences melt into the skin quickly, leaving a luxuriously dewy scented veil.

The essences can be layered to create a variety of captivating olfactive combinations resulting in a tailored, definite, and individual scent.

The scents Atkinsons has chosen for these four luxurious and exhilarating essences are, of course, the four best-selling ambassadors of the house: Oud Save the King, Oud Save the Queen, Triple Extract, and Rose In Wonderland.

They are precious treasures, sensual elixirs that can be used on their own, or in combination with other Atkinsons fragrances to enhance their scent.