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Amber Empire



Amber Empire

Oolong Tea Accord & Chinese Magnolia
Sandalwood, Myrrh, Incense, Vanilla & White Musk

Eau de Toilette – Natural Spray 100 ml

It all began with a Chinese snuffbox, an exquisite
Asian Art Deco objet d’art that fired
up Atkinsons’ imagination. Amber Empire became
one of the first Oriental fragrances introduced to
the Western world in 1927. In its day, it was a
fascinatingly foreign perfume, “as mysterious and
refined as the ageless East”. But 21st-century
Amber Empire is not so much exotic as
cosmopolitan, contemporary and devilishly
sensual. Carved from a precious amber accord
that is captured in slowly rising drifts of oolong
tea, earthy and rich, Amber Empire is a moody,
atmospheric perfume, vaporous and lingering.
An extremely Oriental fragrance which transports
you on an utterly sensual voyage into the
languorous, enigmatic reaches of the Far East.