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These general terms and conditions govern online purchases made on the website They apply exclusively to purchases made by consumers, meaning any natural person who wants to buy products for his/her personal use only and not for business purposes.

1. General provisions

1.1. These general terms of sale (hereinafter referred to as “ General Terms”) regulate sales of products of Euroitalia S.r.l. branded “Atkinsons 1799” (hereinafter referred to as “Products” or “Product”) concluded at a distance on the website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”). These General Terms apply to any order placed on this Website.

1.2. The distance selling service regulated by the General Terms is reserved exclusively to consumers (hereinafter referred to as “ Customers” or “Customer” as the case may be); 'consumers' means natural persons, aged over 18, acting for purposes extraneous to their commercial, business, artisan or professional activity.

1.3. The language used for concluding sale contracts on this Website is English.

1.4. Customers must carefully read the General Terms, available on the Website, in order to be aware of them, save them and possibly print them for retention. Contracts concluded with Customers will be archived by Euroitalia S.r.l., at the registered office and in the electronic archive kept in its databases, for a period of ten years.

2. Contract parties and identification of the seller

2.1. The contract is entered into between the Consumer Customer and the seller The contract is entered into between the Customer and Euroitalia S.r.l. c/o Balneath Manor, South Challey, Lewes, East Sussex, BN8 4AP, VAT no. GB 620 574361 Invoice no. INV-EUL000575 (“Euroitalia S.r.l.”). Euroitalia S.r.l. may use third parties providers to deliver the Products, as better explained in the Privacy Policy.

3. Conclusion of contract

3.1. The purchase of Products through the Website is possible without registering on the Website itself and without creating a personal account.

The creation of a personal account on the Website is at Customer’s exclusive discretion. Customer simply needs to fill in the electronic forms on the Website, ensuring that his or her personal data are correctly entered as requested in the electronic registration forms on the "Register" page. The Customer is fully responsible for the truthfulness and correctness of the personal data entered and released during the registration procedure. Once registered on the Website, the Customer may place an order, access his order history, change the registration data entered and/or communicate a different delivery and/or billing address from the one(s) indicated during registration.

Without prejudice to the following paragraphs, Customer may proceed with the purchase of Products, as defined below, after having entered his/her personal data (such as, for example, name, delivery address and email address) or, if he/she is already registered on the Website, by accessing (or logging in) to his/her personal account by entering his/her authentication credentials.

3.2. In order to enter the contract, the Customer must send an order to Euroitalia containing the details of the products it intends to purchase, with the respective price.

3.3 The transmission of the order proposal constitutes a purchase offer for the selected Product, regulated by these General Terms and binding for the customer (subject to the right of cancellation). The transmission of the order proposal by the Customer involves the latter's obligation to pay the price of the ordered Product, or Products.

3.4. To purchase a Product, the Customer must:

(i) enter the selected Product in the “Basket” by clicking the specific icon,

(ii) complete the order proposal,

(iii) select the payment method,

(iv) accept these General Terms, and

(v) send the order proposal to Euroitalia on the Website.

3.5. Before sending an order proposal on the Website, the Customer must carefully read all instructions provided during the purchase process (also with regard to delivery costs, conditions for exercising the right of withdrawal, and the Privacy Policy) as well as these General Terms.

3.6. Before sending the order proposal, the Customer may make corrections and/or changes to the data entered by following the specific procedure indicated on the Website (by way of example but without limitation, the Customer may change the quantity of Products that it intends to purchase by adding or removing one or more Products from the “Basket”).

3.7 The contract between Euroitalia and the Customer is concluded when the Customer receives confirmation from Euroitalia that the order proposal has been accepted by way of the procedure envisaged on the Website (the “Order Confirmation”). The acceptance (or rejection) by Euroitalia S.r.l. of the order proposal will be sent to the Customer as soon as possible to the email address indicated by the latter in the order proposal.

3.8. Euroitalia may reject an order proposal (in that case, no sum will be due from the Customer to Euroitalia except, possibly, the sums indicated in Article 6) below in the following cases:

(I) the Products are not available;

(II) if the payment cannot be authorized (by way of example, if the purchase price is not charged to the Customer's credit card)

(III) if there is a report, or a suspicion, of fraudulent or illegal activity, therein including a suspicion that the purchases are made for the purpose of resale;

(IV) if the Customer fails to fulfil its obligations deriving from a previous contract entered into with Euroitalia.

In any case, Euroitalia. may reject an order if the quantity of ordered Products appears, at its sole discretion, to be excessive.

3.9. If one or more ordered Products are unavailable, the Customer will be notified by e-mail. In that case, the order proposal will be cancelled or accepted only for the available Products. In the event of partial acceptance, the Customer must pay only the price relating to the available Products (if the payment is made by credit card, the Customer will only be charged the amount corresponding to the available Products).

3.10. The Order Confirmation will provide for a summary of the essential characteristics of the purchased Products, a detailed indication of the price and payment methods, and information and documents relating to the sales terms applicable to the signed contract.

3.11. Subject to the use of the personal data described in the Privacy Policy, the form containing the order proposal and the Customer's details relating to the order proposal may be retained by Euroitalia for the period of time envisaged by existing regulations and in any case for at least 10 years.

4. Information on Products and their availability

4.1. The information on Products, together with the Product codes and their price, are available on the Website.

4.2. Without prejudice to Customers’ statutory rights, the visual representation of the Products on the Website, if available, is indicative and normally corresponds to a photographic image of those Products. The visual representation is merely aimed at presenting the Products for sale: even though Euroitalia makes its best efforts in order to ensure that displayed pictures of the Products are as accurate as possible, Euroitalia does not make any guarantee or commitment on the exact correspondence of the image depicted on the Website with the actual Product, with particular regard to the colour aspects of the Products and/or of the packaging.

4.3. Euroitalia S.r.l. reserves the right to restrict, at any time, the quantity and/or type of Products that can be purchased on the Website. During the purchase process, if it is not possible to process the order due to the unavailability of the ordered Product, the Customer will be notified by way of an automatic message. Euroitalia S.r.l. may not in any case be held liable towards the Customer due to the unavailability of a Product.

4.4. Euroitalia S.r.l. is not in any case liable for any errors deriving from the lack of functioning of the Customer's connection to the Website.

5. Price

5.1. The price of the products indicated on the Website is shown in Euros and includes VAT at the current rates in force in Italy. Delivery costs must be added to the price of the Products, which are indicated separately on the order form.

5.2. Euroitalia S.r.l. constantly checks the accuracy of the prices indicated on the Website, but it cannot guarantee the absence of any errors. If it identifies an error in indicating the price of a Product, Euroitalia S.r.l. will reject the order and will offer to the Customer the opportunity of purchasing the Product at the correct price.

5.3. For promotions and discounts, the price shown is made up of the basic price subject to discount, which corresponds to the list price, of the percentage discount applied, and of the new sale price.

6. Payment methods

6.1. The Customer may pay the fee for the Products contained in the order proposal and the shipping costs by Credit Card or other payments methods that have been activated online.

The Customer must choose the payment method when sending the order proposal and that choice is irrevocable. The total cost of the order is the price of the Products and applicable delivery charges, plus VAT, where applicable. All prices, costs and expenses will be in sterling (£) (GBP).

6.2. Euroitalia accepts payments made by the following credit cards: Visa; MasterCard; American Express, protected by the SSL security protocol and made in encrypted transaction environments.

6.3. The transactions will be charged to the Customer's credit card and the payment will be deemed to be made only after:

(i) the credit card details have been verified;

(ii) authorisation to make the charge has been received from the company issuing the credit card used by the Customer.

6.4 . Euroitalia S.r.l. reserves the right to ask the Customer at any time to submit any additional information (e.g. landline telephone number) required to execute the purchase contract or to send a copy of documents proving ownership of the credit card used to finalise the purchase contract. If the Customer fails to send the information or additional documentation requested, Euroitalia S.r.l. reserves the right not to accept the order or to withdraw from the finalised purchase contract if the failure to send the requested information prevents the order or the contract from being executed, giving simultaneous motivated communication thereof to the Customer at the email address indicated by the latter.

7. Discount Vouchers - Promotional Codes

7.1. Any discount vouchers or promotional codes may be entered when the Customer completes the purchase order. The system will update the total amount of the order net of the voucher value.

7.2. The discount voucher may be accumulated with other commercial initiatives exclusively in circumstances where this is expressly indicated.

8. Shipment and delivery

8.1. The Products will be delivered to the address indicated by the Customer in the order proposal. At the time of delivery, the Customer must sign for receipt. The delivery of the products will be made at street level.

8.2. The Customer must enter in the order form a shipping address located in the areas covered by the delivery service. If the Customer enters into the order form a shipping address that is located in areas not covered by the shipping service, EuroItalia S.r.l. may cancel the order, consequently refunding the sum paid within and not beyond 7 days. The period for making the refund will commence from the contract termination date.

8.4. The shipment is, in general, made for a consideration and the costs are borne by the Customer, unless otherwise agreed in the Product Specifications or in other parts of the Website.

The amount of shipping costs due from the Customer in relation to a specific order will be expressly indicated separately (in sterling (£) (GBP) in the order summary and, in any case, before the Customer sends the same, as well as in the order confirmation email.

The shipping costs do not depend on the number of products purchased or on the weight, but they relate to the shipping service used to make the delivery.

8.5. Euroitalia reserves the right to change the shipping costs at any time, without prior notice, notwithstanding that the cost applied to the Customer will be that applicable at the moment when the order is placed as indicated in the order summary, before the Customer is bound by the contract, and it will not take account of any variations, upwards or downwards, after the same is sent.

8.6 . After the shipment of the order by Euroitalia, the carrier will send to the Customer a communication containing the tracking number and/or the link to track the delivery with the possibility of submitting additional instructions for circumstances where the recipient is out and to manage undelivered products.

8.7. For multiple orders, concerning products that must be delivered separately, the procedure indicated in the above point will be applied autonomously to each delivery.

8.8. During the purchase process, before the Customer sends the order, the timescales within which Euroitalia undertakes to deliver the Products in the order will be indicated. The shipment and delivery terms commence from the working day after the conclusion of the contract, unless otherwise indicated. The delivery timescales of the specific order will also be indicated in the order confirmation. If the delivery timescales are not indicated, the delivery will, in any case, be made within thirty days running from the conclusion of the contract.

8.9. The risk of loss of or damage to the goods, for reasons not attributable to the seller, transfers to the Customer only when the latter, or a third party designated by it and different from the carrier, materially enters into possession of the goods.

8.10. The delivery obligation is fulfilled by way of the transfer of the material availability or in any case control of the Products to the Customer. The Customer must check, upon delivery of the Products by the courier:

(I) that the number of delivered packages corresponds to that indicated in the delivery note;

(II) that the packaging and respective seals are intact, not damaged, not wet and not altered in any way.

8.11 . Any damages to the packaging and/or to the Product or the lack of correspondence of the number of packages or with the indications must be disputed immediately by affixing a reserve of control on the Courier's delivery note. Once the Courier's document has been signed without the Customer having raised objections, the Customer may not raise any dispute to the Seller regarding the external characteristics of the delivered package.

8.12. If a reserve of control is affixed, if the good is damaged internally, the Customer must immediately inform Euroitalia of what has occurred and accompany the report with photographs proving the condition of the products.

The report may be sent using the electronic form available at on the Contact Us page.

9. Packaging

9.1. The Products purchased on the Website are delivered using special packaging that guarantees high quality standards so that the products remain intact during shipments.

10. Right of cancellation

10.1. The right to cancel the contract is EXCLUDED:

- in the case of the supply of sealed goods that are not suitable to be returned for hygienic or health protection reasons and have been opened after delivery, such as, by way of example and not limited to, fragrances and/or other cosmetic products that the Customer has opened after delivery, removing the appropriate seal, and/or used;

- in the case of orders relating to personalised Products, such as, by way of example but not limited to, Products on which the Customer's initials are engraved.

10.2 . Besides the cases outlined below, the Customer may withdraw from the contract for all or part of the Products ordered (in the case of multiple orders) and in any case on the Products in their entirety, without specifying the reason, within 14 (fourteen) days from the date on which the Customer (or his/her representative authorised to receive the Product) materially enters into possession of the Product itself.

10.3 . In order to exercise the right to cancel, the Customer shall inform EuroItalia by filling in the appropriate form that can be requested on the “Contact Us” page of the website.

Customer Services will follow up the withdrawal request by providing to the Customer- via e-mail - the instructions for returning the goods, providing, for that purpose any standard form or label to be completed and included in the package.

The shipment must be made by and not beyond 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of the Customer Service communication and of the above-mentioned forms.

The costs for returning the Product to Euroitalia are borne by the Customer.

10.4. The Products in relation to which the Customer has exercised the right of withdrawal must be, for hygiene reasons, intact and unused. Those Products must be returned in their original packaging, complete in all their parts (therein including the packaging and any accessory documentation which forms an integral part of the product, if present).

10.5. Upon receipt of the Products for which the Customer has withdrawn, Euroitalia will verify their integrity. If the returned Product is found to be damaged during transportation, Eurotalia S.r.l. must only communicate the event to the Customer to allow it to file a report promptly with the courier chosen by it, against which (and/or the respective insurance company) it must take recourse.

10.6. Euroitalia is not liable in any way for damages or theft or loss of products being returned; any respective risk is therefore borne exclusively by the Customer which must choose, upon returning the goods, the most suitable delivery method to safeguard its interests.

10.7. Having received the return and checked the integrity of the product as well as its lack of use by the Customer, Euroitalia will refund the sums paid for the purchase, including delivery costs (save what is specified at paragraph 10.8 below), without undue delay, and in any case within and not later the terms set out by applicable law, provided that the conditions laid down in this Article 10 are met. The refund may be made by reversing the amount charged on the payment method used for the purchase in conformity with the related instructions and bank details which will be indicated by the Customer itself. If the purchase was made using a discount code, the refund will relate only to the sum actually paid, and the amount of the discount will not be refunded.

10.8. For partial cancellation from multiple orders (i.e. cancellation limited to only one or more Products, but not to all Products ordered), the shipping costs will not be refunded as their amount does not depend on the number of products included in the order or the weight of the same.

10.9. In the event of partial cancellation, if, by virtue of the cancellation, the amount actually paid by the Customer (having deducted the amount of the Products for which the cancellation has been exercised and which is therefore subject to reimbursement) drops below the threshold allowing the Customer to obtain free shipment, the standard shipping costs will be charged to the Customer and, consequently, deducted from the refund amount.

11. Method of storing product. Allergic Reactions

11.1. The Products must be stored in a dry environment, away from heat sources and never exposed directly to sunlight.

11.2. The marketed cosmetic products are compliant with European Regulation 1223/2009 and are carefully controlled. However, situations of subjective intolerance to ingredients contained in the cosmetic products which may cause allergic reactions and irritations in certain persons cannot be excluded. Euroitalia is willing to respond to information requests and to receive reports of intolerances or allergies, before or after the purchase, in order to best support its Customers in the choice of products or in returning the same.

12. Product replacements

12.1. Without prejudice to the rights of the Customer provided by Articles 10 and 15 of these General Terms, Euroitalia does not grant to the Customer the possibility of replacing Products purchased on the Website with other products purchased in store or on other platforms.

13. Defects of conformity and legal warranty

13.1. Euroitalia guarantees the conformity of the product for a period of 2 years from delivery, as long as it has been stored adequately according to the instructions and methods of use indicated in Article 12 above and identified in the information sheets delivered to the Customer during the phase of purchase of the product.

13.2. For products opened after delivery, the conformity of the product is calculated with reference to the specific PAO ( period after opening) for each type of product, clearly indicated on the packaging.

13.3 . For products that specify a specific expiry date on the packaging, that information is indicative of the period within which the product maintains its conformity with respect to the use for which it is intended and, if it is less than two years, it accordingly limits the term for exercising warranty actions in accordance with applicable law.

13.4. The defect deriving from improper use of the product without following the instructions for use is not defined as a “defect of conformity”.

13.5. In any case, if a Product sold by Euroitalia presents a manufacturing defect or any alleged defect of conformity the Customer must immediately contact assistance.

13.6. The Customer is entitled to obtain:

a) the restoration of conformity of the good by way of replacement (excluding the repair) of the Product to the conditions provided by law, with no cost charged to it, or,

b) if that replacement is not possible (for example, due to lack of stocks of the Product), the Customer may obtain a congruous reduction of the price of the Products or

c) the contract termination.

13.7. If the Customer requests, in the terms indicated in this article, the replacement of the Product due to a defect of conformity, the delivery costs relating to the return to Euroitalia of the Product to be replaced, along with all costs relating to the delivery to the Customer of the replaced Product, are borne by Euroitalia, notwithstanding that the burden to advance those costs for the return of the good so that the appropriate verifications may be carried out is borne by the Customer.

13.8 . The replacement of the Product due to a defect of conformity of the same will in any case be subject to the verification by Euroitalia of respect by the Customer of the correct methods of use and storage of the Product.

14. Authenticity guarantee and intellectual property rights

14.1. The brand “Atkinsons 1799” class 3, along with every other figurative and non-figurative or service trademark, present on the Products and on the respective accessories and/or packaging, whether or not they are registered, along with all illustrations, images, logos, distinctive signs, names, photographs, video clips, written or graphical texts and more generally any other authored work or intellectual work or intangible asset protected by the laws relating to Products or in any case present on the Website are and remain the exclusive property of Euroitalia and/or its assignors and/or assignees. Any use of the same, even only partial, is prohibited in the absence of prior written authorisation of Euroitalia S.r.l., in favour of which all respective rights are exclusively reserved.

15. Applicable law and jurisdiction

15.1. These General Terms and, consequently, the contracts entered into with the Customers, are regulated by the Laws of England and Wales and must be interpreted on that basis.

15.2 Any disputes with the Consumer Customer will be dealt with under the jurisdiction of the Judicial Authority of the place of residence or domicile of the same Customer.

16.2. For further information, complete the electronic form on the Contact Us page.

17. Personal data processing

17.1. Customers' data are processed by Euroitalia in accordance with the provisions of existing privacy regulations and, in particular, in accordance with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR”), as specified in the information notice available in the dedicated section, entitled "Privacy Policy".

18. Changes to the General Terms of sale. Invalidity

18.1. Euroitalia reserves the right to change the website, policies, and these General Terms at any time. The Customer will be subject to the policies and conditions of the General Terms in force each time when the latter orders products from this Website, except where any changes to those policies and conditions are required by the applicable law or by the competent authorities (in which case, they will apply even to orders made previously).

18.2. If any provision of these terms is deemed invalid, void or for any reason inapplicable, that condition will not prejudice the validity and effectiveness of the other provisions.

19. Contacts

19.1 For further information and assistance on the Website or with the online payment methods the Customer may contact Euroitalia via the Contacts page. Customer Services will respond from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm.